Recipe suggestions

Smoked Fired Tomato Meatballs

1Lbs Ground beef, Diced Onion, Grated Cheese
8oz Rich Sauces Smoked Fired Tomato Chilli Sauce

Dice onion into small pieces and mix with the Ground Beef. Roll into small meatballs and place into baking tin. Cover with sauce and bake for 20 mins. Add cheese to finish. Dish can be reheated in the oven or microwave. Serve with rice, fries or Pasta. Serve in a warm Sub for Italian style hot Sandwich.

Pasta Salad

2 cups of pasta, 1oz of black olives
1oz of sundried tomatoes
6oz Rich Sauces Smoke Fired Tomato Chilli Sauce

Cook pasta in boiling water for required time. Cool under cold water and drain. Chop olives and tomatoes and mix in sauce. Toss all ingredients together and top with cheese. Bake or grill until warmed through. Serve cold for a salad.

Chicken/Steak Fajita

8oz steak or chicken
1 cup of sliced sweet peppers
1/2 cup sliced onions
4 tortilla wraps
2oz of grated cheese
6oz Rich Sauces Smoke Fired Tomato Chilli Sauce

Cut chicken/steak into small strips and fry in large pan until cooked. Add peppers and onions and cook for a few more minutes. Add sauce and simmer for 1 minute. Place chicken/steak mix into wraps and sprinkle with cheese.

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