Recipe suggestions

Bang Bang Chicken

2 chicken breasts
1 small onion
8oz Rich Sauces Coconut Bang Bang Sauce

Cut chicken and onion into small pieces and add to casserole dish
Pour over the sauce and mix well
Cover and place in medium oven for 40 mins
Serve with rice, cous cous, salad or potatoes.

Bang Bang Shrimp Quesadilla

4 large corn tortillas
8oz of cooked shrimp
1 sliced large tomato
4oz Rich Sauces Coconut Bang Bang Sauce

Place 1 tortilla on a board and cover with half the sauce
Add half the shrimps, sliced tomato and cheese
Top with another tortilla and place under the grill or in a large pan
Cook slowly for a few minutes on each side until tortilla is crispy and filling is heated though
Serve with salad and mint yogurt or spinach dip.

Chicken Tikka Sub

2 large sub rolls
8oz of sliced chicken
1 cup of chopped salad
4oz of Rich Sauces Coconut Bang Bang Sauce
2oz of thick mayonnaise

Butter the sub with mayonnaise and mix chicken with sauce
Add chopped salad to the roll and top with chicken mix
Can be served hot if not adding salad.

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